Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hobo Hideout

Backyard Project for a friend, hobo hideout.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Dig your grave

Build your own reality/Dig your grave

I guess in the grande scheme of things it doesn't really matter what you build, a bank, ledge, tranny or bowl. What matters is that you try! Remember Burnside started out as some bags poured against a slanted wall. As skaters it is our DUTY NOW FOR THE FUTURE to take control of our own reality. By that I mean be your own path and build for yourself. It is all too common in today's world for people to be armchair participants. Just buy the right look sit back and watch the action on t.v. While you enjoy those tasty energy drinks and get fat. FUCK THAT SHIT!
Skateboarding was never meant to be the cool thing, it was always meant for the weirdos and cast-offs that didn't want to follow the crowd. Nowadays pros are elevated to celebrity status with big money contracts as the holy Grail at least that is what big business would want you to think.,That it is all about $$$ and tv drama.
So what does this have to do with D.I.Y. building? Well it has everything to do with the true spirit of skateboarding. You go out and do it yourself for yourselves against all of that fake shit. There needs to be a balance to everything, a yin to every yang. We are the defenders of the faith and the gatekeepers of the flame to the underground. You can laugh at me if you want but I keep that spark close to my heart and I know many do as well.
There will plenty of people to mock you and say you are wasting your time but pay them no mind. What are they doing, playing video games and trolling the Internet?
Don't worry about fucking up your first pours, because it is inevitable that you will!
Fucking up is part of life, I am endlessly blowing it. That's what makes us human and that is how you learn. Embrace it, learn from it and try again. That is the key, KEEP TRYING! There is no shame in trying and failing, the shame is in doing nothing at all.
All you need is 3 or 4 dedicated friends some beer and herb a little
P.M.A. and shit will happen, trust me. It ain't rocket science there is
a lot of info out there at your disposal. Ask questions and don't be
afraid to get your hands dirty!
Just remember that all of that dirt you shoveled is gonna end up back
in the hole on top of you someday and you can rest easy knowing that
at least you tried... Tom Dupere. Crust Crew 2012.

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Deep in the woods...

Rusty Trowell

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Dirt work, Form work, and Rebar...